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Zinc oxide master granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 180
Processing and customization yes Place of Origin Other
Whether to import no Host power >90KW
Throughput 1000Kg/h Granulable diameter 5mm
Grain formation rate >99% weight >6500kg
Screw diameter 180mm Length diameter ratio of screw 16:1
Die type Air cooled die surface hot cutting head Cutter speed 1480r/min
Power of pelletizer 2.2kW Total mechanical power 110kW
Specifications 180 Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng


The control system of zinc oxide master granulator includes heating system, cooling system and process parameter measurement system, mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators (i.e. control panel and operation platform).

Its main functions are: to control and adjust the motor of the single screw main machine and auxiliary machine pelletizer, to output the speed and power that meet the process requirements, and to make the main and auxiliary machines work together; to detect and adjust the temperature, pressure and flow of materials in the single screw extruder; to realize the control or automatic control of the whole unit. The electrical control of the zinc oxide master granulator can be roughly divided into two parts: drive control and temperature control. The pelletizing process includes temperature, pressure, screw revolution, screw cooling, barrel cooling, pelletizing cooling, particle outer diameter control, and the control of the cutting speed.

Zinc oxide master granulator

The maintenance screw of zinc oxide master granulator is an important part of rubber extrusion granulation, and the maintenance of screw is the key to improve the output and quality of products.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the following problems in production:

(1) It is not allowed to idle the screw without feeding.

(2) When cleaning the screw, the screw shall be padded flat and stably, and the screw shall not be allowed to rotate, so as to avoid damage to the screw

(3) It is forbidden to add metal articles into the barrel to avoid damaging the screw.

(4) Do not start the screw when the temperature is too low or the heating temperature does not reach the lower limit of the process temperature

(5) When screw cooling water is used, when the temperature drops obviously and is low, water cooling shall be stopped; and water must be stopped before shutdown.

(6) Clean the screw regularly. When cleaning the screw, it is forbidden to use metal instruments to hit the screw.

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