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Carbon black master granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 75/180
Screw number Multi screw Suitable raw materials ABS
Processing and customization yes Host power Other
Power of pelletizer 3kW Throughput Other
Outline size Other Screw diameter Other
weight 6800kg Place of Origin Other
Length diameter ratio of screw 36:1 Die type Hot water ring die surface
Cutter speed 1480r/min Number of revolving knives 2
Number of fixed knives 1 Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng


Carbon black is a kind of very fine amorphous carbon powder with carbon as the main body, which can be produced by incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of organic compounds with more carbon such as oil, natural gas and oil. Due to different production methods, carbon black can be divided into furnace carbon black, tank carbon black, hot cracking carbon black and acetylene carbon black. Adding acetylene carbon black or conductive furnace black to PVC and other plastic products can reduce the surface resistance of products and play an anti-static role. Carbon black is also a black agent for plastics.

The production process principle of carbon black master granulator is as follows:

Raw material weighing → proportioning → mixing → extrusion → cooling → pelletizing → inspection → packaging measurement → warehousing

Carbon black master granulator

Technical features of Nantong kezhicheng carbon black master granulator:

1. It has the control functions of the whole unit process interlock, sound and light fault alarm and fast locking fault point. All the materials of the unit in contact with the materials are stainless steel, and the details are exquisite, perfect and reliable, energy-saving and durable;

2. The accuracy of temperature control system to ensure the sensitivity of materials to temperature;

3. The feeding system of carbon black masterbatch granulator adopts the combination of heater and reversing device and the main screw reversing device to solve the problem of power failure or material jam and color cleaning;

4. The combination of double cone forced feeding system and single twin screw technology not only meets the high requirements of secondary continuous high mixing materials, but also solves the labor-consuming time of traditional cutting and crushing, and improves the enterprise image of productivity, environmental protection and automatic continuous operation.

5. Barrel, screw, die head:

The barrel and screw are of integral structure, made of high-quality nitriding steel (38crmoa1), with hard chromium plating on the surface, treated with nitriding hv950-1050, with a depth of 0.6-0.75mm and a brittleness of no more than Grade 11.

Advantage a: very low thermal deformation, high precision, large torque, wear resistance under high temperature and pressure, good corrosion resistance.

Advantage B: the barrel and screw are equipped with cooling devices, which are directly connected to the cooling system. The barrel and each area of the machine in the cooling system are respectively connected with solenoid valves. When the measured temperature exceeds the set value, the solenoid valve is quickly connected, the water supply is stopped, and the corresponding heating circuit is connected to make the temperature rise to the set value. This work is carried out alternately, and the working temperature of each section is controlled within a small range (1-3 ° C). The temperature control is accurate and the reaction is fast, which can quickly reduce the working temperature in the case of local overheating, and effectively prevent the color difference of finished particles.

Advantage C: the die head adopts two kinds of screen changing devices, manual and automatic. The honeycomb filter plate is convenient for cleaning and quick screen changing, and the die head is not easy to leak materials.

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