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Low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 75/180
Screw number Multi screw Suitable raw materials Wire material
Processing and customization yes Host power Other
Power of pelletizer 3kW Throughput Other
Outline size Other Screw diameter Other
weight 6800kg Place of Origin Other
Length diameter ratio of screw 36:1 Die type Hot air cooling die surface
Cutter speed 1480r/min Number of revolving knives 2
Number of fixed knives 1 Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng


Flame retardant low smoke halogen-free cable material has excellent gas performance, the dielectric loss is smaller than paper insulation and PVC insulation, and the capacitance of low smoke halogen-free cable is also smaller. In the absence of effective star grounding system, the charging current and ground fault current can also be reduced. Easy laying is one of the advantages of flame-retardant cable. Compared with other power cables, flame-retardant cable has smaller bending radius, light weight and simple terminal treatment. Because the low smoke and halogen-free cable material does not contain oil, it does not need to consider the line requirements too much when laying, and there is no case that it cannot be laid due to oil flowing.

Basic structure of low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator: 1. Internal mixer 2. Elevator 3. Cone double feeder 4. Twin screw host 5. Single screw host 6. Air cooling die surface hot cutting head 7. Cyclone separator 8. Air cooling extended vibrating screen 9. Bin

Low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator

Process characteristics of low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator:

1. Large length continuous stack combination production mode

The influence of large length continuous superposition and combination production mode on wire and cable production is global and controllable, which involves and influences:

(1) Production process and equipment layout

All kinds of equipment in the production workshop must be reasonably discharged according to the technological process required by the product, so that the semi-finished products in each stage can flow in sequence. The equipment configuration should consider the different production efficiency to balance the production capacity. Some equipment may have to be equipped with two or more to balance the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the reasonable selection and combination of the equipment and the layout of the production site must be balanced and comprehensively considered according to the product and production volume.

(2) Production organization management

Production organization and management must be scientific, reasonable, careful, accurate, strict and meticulous. The operator must be meticulous in accordance with the process requirements. Any problem in any link will affect the smooth process, product quality and delivery. Especially for multi-core cables, if the length of a certain pair or basic unit is short, or if there is quality problem, the whole cable will not be long enough, resulting in scrap. On the contrary, if the length of a unit is too long, it must be sawed to cause waste.

(3) Quality management

The production mode of continuous superposition and combination of large length causes a problem in any link and instantaneously in the production process, which will affect the quality of the whole cable. The more quality defects occur in the inner layer, and the production is not stopped in time, the greater the loss will be. Because the production of wire and cable is different from assembly products, it can be disassembled, reassembled and replaced with another one; the quality problems of any part or process of wire and cable are almost irreparable and irreparable to this cable. The post-processing is very negative, either sawed short or degraded, or scrapped the whole cable. It can't be disassembled and reassembled.

The quality management of wires and cables must run through the whole production process. The quality management and inspection department shall patrol the whole production process, conduct self inspection by the operator, and conduct mutual inspection between the upper and lower processes, which is an important guarantee and means to ensure the product quality and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

2. There are many production process categories and large material flow

Wire and cable manufacturing involves a wide range of process categories, from smelting and pressure processing of non-ferrous metals, to chemical technology such as plastics, rubber, paint, etc.; textile technology such as wrapping and weaving of fiber materials, to wrapping of metal materials, longitudinal wrapping of metal strips, welding metal forming process, etc.

The materials used in the manufacture of wires and cables are not only of various categories, varieties and specifications, but also of large quantity. Therefore, the amount of various materials, the amount of preparation, the batch cycle and batch must be verified. At the same time, as an important part of management, the decomposition, recycling, reuse and waste disposal of waste products should be well managed in material quota and saving.

In the production of wires and cables, from the entry and exit and storage of raw materials and various auxiliary materials, the circulation of semi-finished products in each process to the storage and delivery of products, the material flow is large, so it must be reasonably arranged and dynamically managed.

3. Many special equipment

Wire and cable manufacturing uses special production equipment with process characteristics of the industry to adapt to the structure and performance requirements of cable products, meet the requirements of continuous large length and high-speed production as much as possible, thus forming a special equipment series for cable manufacturing. Such as extrusion machine series, wire drawing machine series, stranding machine series, wrapping machine series, etc. The manufacturing process of wire and cable is closely related to the development of special equipment and promotes each other. New process requirements promote the generation and development of new special equipment; conversely, the development of new special equipment promotes the promotion and application of new process. Such as drawing, annealing, extrusion series line, physical foaming production line and other special equipment, promote the development and improvement of wire and cable manufacturing process, improve the product quality and production efficiency of cable.

Low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator

Features of low smoke and halogen-free cable material granulator: combine twin-screw high-speed, strong mixing with single screw low-speed, low temperature, weak shear characteristics, develop advantages and avoid disadvantages, high degree of process automation, assembly line operation, excellent dispersion effect, high output, clean working condition, which is the necessary model for high-efficiency mixing and modification of heat sensitive and shear sensitive materials.

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