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Internal mixing twin screw granulator for silicone Masterbatch
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Internal mixing twin screw granulator for silicone Masterbatch

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 65
Screw number Twin screw extruder Suitable raw materials EVA
Processing and customization yes Host power 90kW
Power of pelletizer 3kW Throughput Other
Outline size Other Screw diameter Other
Place of Origin Other Length diameter ratio of screw 32:1
Die type Water drawing machine head Cutter speed 变频调速r/min
Number of revolving knives 1 Number of fixed knives 1
Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng    


Silicones, commonly known as silicone oil or dimethylsilicone oil, has the formula: (CH3) 3sio (CH3) 2sionsi (CH3) 3, which is a polymer of organosilicon oxides. It is a series of polydimethylsiloxanes with different molecular weight. The viscosity increases with the increase of molecular weight. The product has stable chemical properties, strong hydrophobicity, insoluble in water, soluble in gasoline, toluene and other non-polar solvents. The electrical performance of silicone rubber is very little affected by temperature. It is a kind of excellent and stable insulating material. The wires and cables made of silicone rubber can not only work in harsh environment, but also have high reliability guarantee under full load operation conditions. Especially with the standards of wires and cables and accessories in China being further integrated into international standards, silicone rubber has become the rubber in the power industry The potential products are widely used in the main adhesives for insulators, high-performance wires and cables and accessories. Compared with the traditional heat shrinkable cable accessories, the silicon rubber prefabricated cold shrinkable cable accessories have greatly improved in performance, quality, power grid safety, etc.; they have excellent resistance to leakage and tracking, excellent radiation resistance, good hydrophobicity, and can be bonded with the cable body after installation, which can effectively reduce the discharge of the cable terminal.

Internal mixing twin screw granulator for silicone Masterbatch

Silicone Masterbatch silicone rubber formula:

It is reported that the formulation of water-resistant cable silicone rubber is 100 phr of methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber, 0.5 phr of trimethoxyvinyl silane, 50 phr of fumed silica, 3-5 phr of low molecular hydroxyl silicone oil, 0.01 phr of platinum compound, 1-2 phr of peroxide crosslinker and 3-5 phr of others.

Basic configuration process of internal mixing twin screw silicone granulator:

Internal mixer - automatic feeding elevator - cone double feeder - Twin Screw Extruder - water drawbench head - water tank - drying machine - pelletizer

Internal mixing twin screw granulator for silicone Masterbatch

Function of internal mixing twin-screw silicone masterbatch granulator:

The function of the master granulator is to transform the solid plastic into uniform melt by means of heating, pressing and shearing, and to send the melt to the next process. The production of melt involves additive such as mixed color masterbatch, mixed resin and regrinding. The product melt must be uniform in concentration and temperature. The pressure must be large enough to extrude the viscous polymer.

All the above processes are completed by a cylinder with a screw and a spiral channel. The plastic particles enter the barrel through a hopper at one end of the barrel, and then are conveyed to the other end of the barrel through a screw. In order to have enough pressure, the depth of the thread on the screw decreases as the distance from the hopper increases. The external heating and the internal heat generated by friction between the plastic and the screw make the plastic soften and melt. Different polymers and different applications often have different design requirements for extruders. Many options involve discharge outlet, multiple feeding ports, special mixing device along the screw, cooling and heating of melt, or no external heat source (adiabatic extruder), relative size of gap change between screw and barrel, and number of screws, etc.

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