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50 single screw melt blown cloth extruder

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 50
Screw number Single screw Suitable raw materials PP
Processing and customization yes Host power 7.5kW
Throughput 110kg/h Outline size Other
Screw diameter 50mm weight 2000kg
Place of Origin Other Length diameter ratio of screw 32:1
product name Melt blown cloth extruder Product use Melt blown fabric
Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng    


As one of the important parts of extruder system, screw is the part of conveying solid plastic, plasticized plastic and melt. The change of geometry of each part will directly affect the quality and output of plastic products, and play a decisive role in the performance of extruder. In the design of screw, various factors must be considered to adapt to the characteristics of different plastics. In the plastic industry, it is impossible to produce all kinds of plastic products with only one "universal" screw.

The screw of melt blown cloth extruder can be divided into three sections: feeding section, compression section (or plasticizing section) and metering section (or homogenizing section).

The feeding section mainly receives the materials supplied by the feeding system and then delivers them to the compression section. The compression section compacts the material, and after melting and plasticizing, it is pushed to the metering section through the thread. The material is further plasticized in the metering section, and then under the condition of constant pressure and isothermal, the screw pushes the uniformly plasticized molten material to the machine head in equal amount.

50 single screw melt blown cloth extruder

The main parameters of the screw of the melt blown cloth extruder are screw diameter, screw length diameter ratio, geometric compression ratio, screw angle, screw groove depth, screw edge width, screw barrel clearance, screw head number and screw head shape. The screw diameter is usually the outside diameter of the thread. The screw diameter of extruders in China has been serialized, such as Φ 30mm, Φ 45mm, Φ 65mm, Φ 90mm, Φ 120mm, Φ 150mm and Φ 200mm. Some enterprises also produce screws of other diameters, such as Φ 50mm, Φ 70mm, etc. If the screw diameter is increased, the extrusion capacity and energy consumption of the extruder will increase significantly. In general, the extruder with a screw diameter of 65mm has an extrusion capacity of 90-120kg / h and a motor power of 30-55kw; the extruder with a screw diameter of 90mm has an extrusion capacity of 150-200kg / h and a motor power of 50-75kw; the extruder with a screw diameter of 120mm has an extrusion capacity of 250-320kg / h and a motor power of 75-100kw.

50 single screw melt blown cloth extruder

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