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Natural rubber granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 120
Processing and customization yes Place of Origin Other
Whether to import no Host power 45KW
Throughput <500Kg/h Granulable diameter 5mm
Grain formation rate >99% Outline size Other
weight 4500kg Screw diameter 120mm
Length diameter ratio of screw 12:1 Die type Air cooled die surface hot cutting head
Cutter speed 1480r/min Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng


Natural rubber (NR) is mainly composed of rubber hydrocarbon (polyisoprene), containing a small amount of protein, water, resin acid, sugar and inorganic salt. It has the advantages of high elasticity, high tensile strength, good tear resistance and electrical insulation, good wear resistance and drought resistance, good processability, easy to bond with other materials, and superior to most synthetic rubbers in comprehensive properties. The disadvantages are poor oxygen and ozone resistance, easy to aging; poor oil and solvent resistance, low acid-base corrosion resistance; low heat resistance. Operating temperature range: about - 60 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃. Make tire, rubber shoe, rubber tube, tape, insulation layer and sheath of wire and cable and other general products. It is especially suitable for manufacturing torsional vibration eliminator, engine shock absorber, machine support, rubber metal suspension components, diaphragm and molded products.

Natural rubber granulator

The natural rubber granulator has the characteristics of uniform shearing, high dispersion, high filling and stretching melt. The advantages of single screw extruder and twin screw extruder, unique working principle, and a complete set of screw combination elements and supporting equipment make it more widely used. In a machine, it can be mixed, mixed, plasticized, dispersed, sheared, stretched, degassed and pelleted, making the interface area of melt flow in the machine much larger than that in general shear flow.

Natural rubber granulator

As the main part of the extrusion system, the screw of the natural rubber granulator needs to rotate in the high pressure and high temperature barrel. Therefore, the alloy steel used to manufacture the screw needs to have high mechanical strength, can bear the huge torque and work in the same shape under the high temperature condition, and has high surface hardness after heat treatment, and can resist the wear of large friction. At present, the domestic multi-purpose alloy steel 38CrMoAl Steel is used to manufacture screw. After quenching and tempering treatment, the hardness is hb260-290, and then the surface is nitrided. The nitriding depth can reach 0.3-0.6mm, the surface hardness is more than hv740, and the brittleness of screw is more than grade 2.

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