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EPDM granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 150
Processing and customization yes Place of Origin Other
Whether to import no Host power Other
Granulable diameter 5mm weight 4500kg
Screw diameter 150mm Length diameter ratio of screw 9:1
Die type Air cooled die surface hot cutting head Cutter speed 1480r/min
Power of pelletizer 2.2kW Specifications 150
Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng    


Production workflow of EPDM rubber masterbatch granulator: all rubber raw materials and other additives are put into the internal mixer. When all raw materials are fully integrated, the internal mixer will automatically turn over and put the materials into the automatic elevator, which will then put the materials into the cone double forced feeder, * and then into the single screw granulator, which will cut, cool, screen, and fully automate the terminal bin, Flow operation. The screw of rubber masterbatch granulator adopts the full name dispersed screw without excessive friction heat.

EPDM granulator

Features of EPDM rubber masterbatch granulator production line:
1. The new process of whole process low temperature processing is fully adopted, which not only has low processing temperature, but also can prevent the rubber booster from melting first and then crystallizing again, thus damaging the original refined auxiliary particles. Therefore, the rubber masterbatch granulating unit ensures the benefits of "refining and solubilizing" in the formula design.
2、 It integrates mixing, conveying, pelleting, isolation and air cooling to realize automatic continuous production of modern belt with high production efficiency.
3. The temperature control of the rotary mixer is accurate, the mixing system moves completely according to the "X" curve, and the dispersion effect is outstanding.
4. Because of the unique viscoelasticity of rubber, the conical twin-screw forced feeding device is adopted, which is clean and strong and can be used for secondary auxiliary mixing of mixed rubber, greatly improving the working efficiency and the quality of rubber granulation.
5. The granulator adopts rotary cutter head, frequency converter speed control, air-cooled hot-cut particles, particles are uniform, and the section is smooth.
6. The isolation agent injection and recovery system can recycle the isolation agent for many times to prevent the dust from polluting the workshop.

EPDM granulator

Precautions for operation of rubber masterbatch granulator:
1. Pay attention to the temperature change of the fuselage at any time. When touching the particles with clean hands without touching them, the temperature shall be raised immediately. Until the particles are normal.
2. When the bearing part of the reducer burns, or there is noise, it shall be repaired in time and added with oil.
3. When the bearing parts at both ends of the main engine bearing chamber are hot or noisy, stop the machine for maintenance and add grease. During normal operation, grease the bearing housing every 5-6 days.
4. Pay attention to find out the operation law of the machine; for example, the temperature of the machine is high or low, and the speed is fast or slow, which can be handled in time according to the situation.
5. In case of unstable operation of the fuselage, it is necessary to check whether the clearance of the coupling is too tight and adjust it in time.
6. The rubber granulator should run in the positive direction and avoid reverse.
7. The rubber granulator must not be operated by the cold machine on an empty stomach, and must be operated by the hot machine feeding, so as to avoid the phenomenon of stick bar (holding shaft).
8. It is strictly forbidden to enter the iron and other sundries in the feed port and vent hole of the rubber granulator. So as not to cause accidents and affect production.

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