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Large diameter single screw sulfur masterbatch rubber granulator
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Large diameter single screw sulfur masterbatch rubber granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 150
Processing and customization yes Place of Origin Other
Whether to import no Host power Other
Throughput 600Kg/h Granulable diameter 5mm
weight 5000kg Screw diameter 150mm
Length diameter ratio of screw 12:1 Die type Air cooled die surface hot cutting head
Cutter speed 1480r/min Power of pelletizer 2.2kW
Total mechanical power 75kW Specifications 150
Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng    


The main cylinder and screw of sulfur master granulator are assembled by building blocks. The cylinder is composed of multiple groups of open and closed holes. The split cylinder can be opened quickly and conveniently for cleaning and maintenance. The screw is composed of various mixing screw blocks and conveying screw blocks which are sleeved on the mandrel. The cylinder and screw can be flexibly formed into an ideal form according to different types of materials and process requirements.

Large diameter single screw sulfur masterbatch rubber granulator

The gear box and swing box of sulfur masterbatch granulator are specially designed to realize the axial reciprocating motion of the screw while the screw is rotating. Every revolution of the screw, the reciprocating motion is once, and the thread is interrupted three times, so as to produce a strong mixing effect. The mixing action is axial rather than radial, and occurs between the thread and the pin. All materials in the spiral groove are subject to uniform shear stress, rather than a thin layer of materials.

Large diameter single screw sulfur masterbatch rubber granulator

The sulfur master granulator is equipped with heating and cooling devices outside the melt pump. The purpose is to control the temperature within a certain range and keep it in the process state. There are two heating modes: electric heating and oil heating. In addition, the working principle and characteristics of the reciprocating single screw extruder decide that it is not its strong point to be used in plastic molding. However, a new process, which combines mixing modification and molding processing, by using melt pump after the extruder and connecting with the molding die head, reduces the granulation process, which means reducing the primary investment, production cost, production cycle and saving It is self-evident that the advanced and economic process of the two processing and plasticizing processes is omitted.

The melt pump is equipped with a group of pressure sensors, which can accurately measure the pressure change, which is conducive to the adjustment of the process.

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