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Accelerator rubber granulator

Product serial number
brand Kezhicheng rubber Model 120
Processing and customization yes Place of Origin Other
Whether to import no Host power 45KW
Granulable diameter 5mm weight 4500kg
Screw diameter 120mm Length diameter ratio of screw 12:1
Die type Hot air cooling die surface Cutter speed 1480r/min
Power of pelletizer 1.5kW    


Rubber accelerator granulator is a process that raw rubber changes from a strong elastic state to a soft and easy to process plastic state by means of mechanical stress, heat, oxygen or adding some chemical reagents.

The purpose of raw rubber plasticizing is to reduce its elasticity, increase its plasticity, and obtain appropriate fluidity, so as to meet the requirements of various processing processes, such as mixing, sub derivatization, extrusion, molding, vulcanization, mortar manufacturing, sponge rubber manufacturing, etc.

It is very important for the processing and quality of rubber products to master the appropriate plasticity. On the premise of meeting the requirements of processing technology, the plasticity should be reduced as much as possible. With the appearance of constant viscosity rubber and low viscosity rubber, some rubber has been directly mixed without plastic mixing.

Accelerator rubber granulator

The rubber accelerator granulator system is equipped with a forced feeding screw and a side twin-screw feeding to prevent the material from piling up at the feeding port, so as to ensure that each component of the material is fed in proportion at the same time, and solve the environmental pollution problem caused by premix.

Siemens frequency control device is adopted, with excellent and reliable performance. The cylinder is cooled by electric heating water (or oil heating oil), equipped with two-stage pressure sensor, six sets of RKC intelligent temperature control devices, two-way PID regulation, four sets of melt temperature sensors penetrating into the cylinder, which can truly reflect the actual temperature of the melt in each zone. In addition, there is a multi-point temperature inspection instrument, so the temperature control of the equipment is accurate and the error is small. Advanced mechanical and electrical interlocking device, with mechanical and electrical double overload protection, can effectively protect equipment and personal safety. The equipment control cabinet is equipped with analog display board, and the rotation of each part of the unit is displayed intuitively and clearly.

Accelerator rubber granulator

The system of rubber accelerator granulator is equipped with drawing water cooling, hot water cooling and hot air cooling. It can be configured according to different materials and user's requirements.

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