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Internal and external shield cable material granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 150
Screw number Single screw Suitable raw materials EVA
Processing and customization Single screw Feed port diameter 350mm
Sieve plate diameter 5mm Host power 90kW
Power of pelletizer 1.5KW Total mechanical power Other
Center height 1.3m Throughput Other
Outline size Other Screw diameter Other
weight 6800kg Place of Origin Other
Length diameter ratio of screw 20:1 Die type Hot water ring die surface
Cutter speed 1480r/min Number of revolving knives 2
Number of fixed knives 1 product name Cable granulator
Product use Cable material granulation Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng


Equipment composition of internal and external shielded cable granulator:

Pressurized internal mixer - elevator - Double wrist feeder - single screw granulator - water ring granulator - centrifugal dehydrator - extended vibrating screen - automatic weighing system - stage cyclone separator - DOP dosing system - high mixer - boiling bed - finished product bin

Internal and external shield cable material granulator

Features of production line of internal and external shielded cable granulator:

1. It integrates mixing, conveying, feeding, extruding, hot air cooling into a whole, realizing automatic continuous setting, high production efficiency, good plasticizing and mixing effect.

2. Compact structure, small space and floor space, can be installed in plane.

3. The production process is controlled by closed-loop temperature in sections. The internal mixer, feeder, extruder, etc. have their own heating and cooling systems, and control their own temperature according to the process requirements.

4. The feeding mechanism adopts the propeller double pull type, which has strong feeding capacity. It is especially suitable for extruding the agglomerated materials directly mixed by the internal mixer.

5. 38CrMoAlA high quality alloy steel is used for the barrel screw, which is treated by nitriding, with high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

6. The machine head adopts manual screen changing or automatic screen changing mechanism without stopping the machine quickly to improve the production efficiency.

7. It is composed of multiple frequency converters, so that feeding, extrusion, pelletizing and other multiple machines can carry out stepless speed regulation with high precision and wide range according to process requirements. It has the functions of whole machine process interlock, sound light fault alarm and so on, perfect and reliable. The whole system adopts advanced PCC centralized control, which can make the mixed operation process of the equipment always in an excellent state; perfect interlocking joint control ensures automatic, efficient and safe production, and stable product quality.

Internal and external shield cable material granulator

Later maintenance of internal and external shielded cable granulator

Without complex thrust bearing system, the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient; the energy consumption and operation cost are low (under the same process conditions, the energy consumption per unit product is 30-50% lower than that of conventional equipment). The drum is of push-pull structure, which is convenient and thorough for cleaning; the rotor adopts the segmented structure of double mixing section, which does not need to dismantle the bearing when disassembling the rotor, so the maintenance and repair are quick and simple.

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