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High yield single screw granulator of calcium carbonate masterbatch
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High yield single screw granulator of calcium carbonate masterbatch

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 150
Screw number Single screw Suitable raw materials PE
Processing and customization yes Feed port diameter 350mm
Sieve plate diameter 5.2mm Host power Other
Power of pelletizer 3kW Total mechanical power 160kW
Throughput 1500KG/H Outline size Other
Screw diameter Other weight 6800kg
Place of Origin Other Length diameter ratio of screw 20:1
Die type Hot air cooling die surface Cutter speed 1480r/min
Number of revolving knives 2 Number of fixed knives 1
product name Filling master granulator Product use Masterbatch processing
Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng    


Heavy calcium carbonate is a white powder made of high quality calcite and marble. Its composition is mainly composed of more than 98% CaCO3, and a small amount of MgO, Fe2O3, Al2O3, SiO2 and other metal compounds. It is insoluble in water and ethanol. It has the characteristics of high whiteness, good purity, soft color, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, stable chemical composition and relatively low price. It is a very many inorganic filler used in industrial production, widely used in plastics, paper making, coating, paint Artificial floor tiles, rubber, building supplies and other fields.

High yield single screw granulator of calcium carbonate masterbatch

Application of calcium carbonate masterbatch products:

The filling of heavy calcium carbonate products in plastic products can play a role of skeleton, play a great role in the stability of the size of plastic products, improve the hardness and heat resistance of products, and improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of products. As the whiteness of calcium carbonate is more than 90%, it can also replace the expensive white pigment and play a certain role in whitening.

Technical index of calcium carbonate filling masterbatch:

1. Appearance: round sheet or round column

2. Particles (PCs. / 10g): 200-600 PCs

3. Melt index: 0.3-20g/min (according to customer requirements)

4. Whiteness: ≥ 505. Moisture and volatile matter ≤ 0.56. Density: ≥ 1.3-2

High yield single screw granulator of calcium carbonate masterbatch

Technical configuration of calcium carbonate master granulator:

The granulator with high calcium carbonate filling masterbatch is equipped with a forced cone double feeding screw and a side twin screw to prevent the material from piling up at the feeding port, so as to ensure that each component of the material is fed in proportion at the same time, which solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by premix.

High yield single screw granulator of calcium carbonate masterbatch

The granulator of calcium carbonate filling masterbatch adopts Siemens frequency control device, with excellent and reliable performance. The cylinder is cooled by electric heating water (or oil heating oil), equipped with two-stage pressure sensor, six sets of RKC intelligent temperature control devices, two-way PID regulation, four sets of melt temperature sensors penetrating into the cylinder, which can truly reflect the actual temperature of the melt in each zone. In addition, there is a multi-point temperature inspection instrument, so the temperature control of the equipment is accurate and the error is small. Advanced mechanical and electrical interlocking device, with mechanical and electrical double overload protection, can effectively protect equipment and personal safety. The equipment control cabinet is equipped with analog display board, and the rotation of each part of the unit is displayed intuitively and clearly. The unit is equipped with drawing water-cooling, hot water-cooling, hot air cooling and other ways of pelletizing. It can be configured according to different materials and user's requirements.

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