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Melt blown cloth electret granulator

Product serial number
brand Ke Zhi Cheng Model 75
Screw number 双螺杆 Suitable raw materials PP
Processing and customization yes Host power Other
Power of pelletizer 7.5kW Throughput Other
Outline size Other Screw diameter 71mm
Place of Origin Other Length diameter ratio of screw 48:1
Die type Water brace Cutter speed 1480r/min
Number of revolving knives 1 Number of fixed knives 1
Manufactor Nantong kezhicheng    


The local configuration of the screw in the melting and plasticizing section of the master batch granulator depends on the specific heat, melting point, melt viscosity of the material and the particle size of the polymer in the solid state. The goal of the local screw configuration design for melting and plasticizing is to melt the material uniformly and rapidly at a set temperature without inputting too much energy into the material. There are two heat sources for melting materials: one is the external heat provided by the barrel heater, the other is the shear heat introduced by the screw, the latter is the main one. In order to introduce shear heat, kneading plate, reverse thread element, reverse (positive and negative) internal mixer rotor type (or large lead) non-standard thread element shall be set in the melting and plasticizing section, and these elements shall be effectively combined with the upstream forward thread element at the predetermined screw axial position. Because of the high viscosity of the melt, the polymer melt can provide a great force to the nano aggregate, so the use of high shear screw configuration in this section is very conducive to dispersion and mixing.

Melt blown cloth electret granulator

The mixing function of the melt blown cloth electret granulator is very important, so the screw configuration design of the mixing section is of great significance (of course, the mixing quality is also related to the material formula and operating conditions). The particle size of the dispersed phase changes greatly in the softening (for amorphous polymer) or melting (for semi crystalline polymer). The larger particle size of the dispersed phase further decreases under the shear and tensile action, while the particle size of the dispersed phase does not change much when the polymer is completely melted. This reminds people that the melting stage of intermeshing co rotating twin screw extrusion process is also the beginning stage of mixing. Therefore, the screw configuration of the melting section and the mixing section should be considered in a unified way. When the polymer has not fully melted viscosity, the high dispersion mixing element should be mainly used; when the polymer has little fully melted viscosity, the distribution mixing element should be mainly used. In order to achieve the dispersion of inorganic nanoparticles in polymer melts, new mixing elements can also be considered to enhance the mixing effect.

Melt blown cloth electret granulator

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